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Location Cats Ltd. has invested in a wide range of equipment and personnel in order to excel in the Earth Work construction industry. Our quality control and assurance program has been designed to exceed our client’s expectations for quality. Our operators are certified in their disciplines, trained to operate our equipment and go through a series of operating tasks to ensure they are competent prior to performing any work on our projects. As with all our divisions, our safety program is thoroughly implemented on all our projects with task specific JHA’s and FLRA’s to ensure the risks are identified and removed or managed. Our self-performed Earth Works construction activities include but not limited to: • Site Stripping • Municipal and Lease Road Construction • Winter Road Construction • Industrial and Forestry Reclamation Works • Industrial Site Construction and Grading • Trenching & Utility Installation • Excavation for Utility Installation • Geogrid and Geotextile Installation • Aggregate and sand supply and installation • Environmental protection installations • Trucking facilities including Hydro-vac and Water hauling operations. Our fleet is always expanding to meet the needs our projects. We are closely aligned with the major equipment suppliers to ensure we have equipment available when our projects demand it.