Rhino Spray Systems

Box 10049


T9N 0A6





Rhino Spray Systems started operations in May of this year and does one thing: Mobile Spray-in solutions. We make structures as warm as your favorite sweater by installing spray foam and blown-in insulation that's as tough as nails. It will keep out the harshest Canadian winter, the hottest summer and the most determined pests while saving homeowners and contractors serious money. Rhino has 2 mobile rigs that can deliver on a big scale as they have brand new equipment with an appetite to complete jobs on time and on budget. Our CUFCA, certification guarantees our work up to $50,000 and we are a registered contractor with the Alberta Energy Efficiency rebate program going on right now offering homeowners, land lords and businesses up to $3500 to upgrade their insulation. We also provide spray in box liners, rockguarding and non-slip surfaces. Rhino can complete them at your shop (or mine) as we have a dedicated unit. We are happy to serve Lloydminster and the Lakeland area.