Lloydminster Native Friendship Centre

4602 49 Ave PO Box 1364


S9V 1K4






The Lloydminster Native Friendship Centre is a non-profit, registered charity, which has been providing services to both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people in our community since 1982. Our center provides services to residents from both provinces, within an approximate 100 km radius. Our mandate includes: the promotion of better understandings between the different cultures within our community; the development of wellness, education, cultural and social programs and activities for children and their families; and the promotion of well-being and enhancement of “quality of life” for all people within the community. The Lloydminster Native Friendship Centre, Inc. is committed to: • Encouraging and empowering Urban Indigenous people of all ages by facilitating and providing programs and services directed towards self-sufficiency and healing • Fostering positive relations based on initiating better understanding of historical, societal differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. • Restoring and reclaiming cultural roles, values and teachings between Indigenous youth, elders and families. • Strengthening the Indigenous community circle by developing healthy partnerships and involving community agencies and member.