Computers are great at tasks like applying rules, keeping track of things, always knowing what time it is, and being completely impartial. All things that make for impeccable, efficient procurement. Combine that with the Cloud and you have the ideal platform for running a bidding event. Here’s how that technology works for you.

Etegri is a secure online service that streamlines the procurement process for goods, services and construction. It assists procurement professionals, developers and contractors to efficiently distribute information and documents about their opportunity and optionally to receive fully tabulated bids in return. New opportunities can be posted as either publicly available to anyone interested or by invitation only.

Contractors, vendors, and suppliers are able to quickly identify new opportunities and easily gain access to the information they need to respond. When enabled, they are also able to submit their bids online eliminating travel, delays and other challenges of submitting responses either in person or via fax or email.

Many opportunities are posted with a free access level that allows anyone interested to have full access to all information and documents. Others can be previewed for free but require a subscription ($10.00/mo. or $100/yr.) to gain access to all documents and features.

SCAN 247 features: 


Register Vendors

This optional feature allows you to build and manage your own vendor lists to use for sending public or private invitations

  • Set up vendor information form using customizable templates
  • Invite vendors to register
  • Accept or reject vendors based on your criteria
  • Add vendors to your custom address book
    • Add to general list or specific categories you define


Setup Opportunity

  • Enter project details into online form
    • Name
    • Description
    • Closing date and time
    • Scope of work and requirements
  • Assign usage privileges to your team


Qualify Vendors 

  • Use a previous vendor information form or modify a template for this opportunity
  • Invite vendors to register for this opportunity
    • Registration can be public or private through an invitation list
    • Basic information fields are pre-filled for Vendors already in your system
  • Analyze responses and select vendors to participate in this bid event
  • Organize Vendors into groups, assign to auto-rotation invitation lists or add to your custom Address Book for easy access


Prepare Submission Forms 

  • Use customizable templates to create the forms you need for RFP, RFQ, RFI, RF(x), Invitation to Bid, Invitation to Tender …
    • Handles dual envelope and multiple form submissions
    • For repetitive RFs, just update key information in a template, click and you’re done
  • Highly flexible templates make it easy to reproduce even the most complex forms
    • Import your existing text for multiple choice (one or multiple answers), lists, dates, attachments, text
    • Request stipulated sum, unit price, alternate or separate prices, cash allowances, labor rates, price breakdowns, named subcontractors
    • Import and include instructions and clarifications directly on the form


Publish Opportunity 

  • Privately – send invitations via list of pre-qualified/selected vendors
  • Publically – published on Etegri, on websites you select, send to your registered vendors, invite other vendors
  • Integrated email & fax make notification 1-click easy
    • Pre-written messages you can modify
    • Auto-populates key data like recipient’s name and Request info
  • Optionally uploaded to your website automatically
  • Optionally uploaded to public bid sites you choose automatically
  • Built-in autorotation list available


View Participants 

  • Monitor activity including document viewing and downloads
  • Get an early warning if no or too few respondents
  • Prompt vendors you want to participate


Handle Addenda & Questions 

  • Email notification automatically sent to document takers when you add a new document
  • Email notification automatically sent to document takers if you add the answer to a question as a document
  • Integrated Q & A system
    • Questions and answers handled like an email thread
    • Fully searchable
    • Date and time stamped
    • Public, or private to the asker only
    • Can hold all questions and answers and release to everyone at the same time
    • Can make asker anonymous if answers are public


Receive Validated Submissions 

  • Before a submission is accepted it is screened to ensure:
    • All required fields filled in – bidders are shown mandatory fields as they complete the form and warned about missing data
    • Pricing and other numeric fields contain only numbers – bidders are warned when they enter non-numeric data
    • Time left on the Official Countdown Clock – Official Countdown Clock is shown on every page of the submission form
    • All required attachments are included
    • Submitting signature is verified – 3 step process
  • All submission work is done on our platform, so submission is instantaneous – no lag time, no upload transmission time – you can submit with 1 second to go!
  • Tamperproof submission receipt
    • Time-stamped
    • Instantaneous copy of submission made and stored by certified independent 3rd party
  • Information is secure – all communications are encrypted, datacenter meets the highest PCI DCC compliance standards


Get Tabulated Results


  • Results available the moment the event closes – absolutely no delay
  • Results are fully tabulated
  • Multiple results formats
    • Onscreen as summary report
  • View as group or individually
    • Print
    • Export as .csv into spreadsheet
  • Includes column (Respondent) & row (Question Text) headings

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